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RX Fire Services

Piece of mind for the Prescribed Fire Contractor

Prescribed fire is a very effective and environmentally sound land management tool. It can recycle nutrients tied up in old plant growth, control many woody plants and herbaceous weeds, improve poor quality forage, increase plant growth, reduce the risk of large wildfires, and improve certain wildlife habitat. To achieve these benefits, fire must be used under very specific conditions, utilizing very specific techniques.

Common law relating to prescribed fire is generally predicated on negligence rules. However, virtually all states also have statutory law specifying liability rules or criminal penalties for prescribed fire, and the laws in many states have been changing substantially in recent years.

Prescribed fire has been the subject of increasing legislative attention and regulation in some states. For example, in the last decade, many states have enacted legislation that explicitly recognizes careful application of prescribed fire as a public good, and simultaneously clarifies liability rules and codifies more stringent specific regulations over its use.

Unfortunately, since you are dealing with nature, and fire in particular, things can get out of control. If they do, you need the security and protection of a sound, comprehensive and affordable insurance program from Forest Specialty, a reputable broker you can trust.

Potential Applicants

  • Prescribed Fire Contractors

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Wildfire Resource Consultants

  • Landscape Contractors and Engineers

  • Private Natural Resource Managers including Ecologists, Foresters and Wildlife Biologists

  • State & Federal Agencies involved in

    Fire Management

  • Municipal & County Natural Resource


  • Non-profit Natural Resource Management Organizations

  • RFD & VFD Personnel

  • Fire Protection Organizations and

    RxFire Associations, Councils and


  • Forest Preserve Districts

  • Private Land Owners—co-ops

  • Forestry Consultants

  • Timber Buyers

  • Logging

Application requirements

  • Completed Application

  • Résumés & Training Certificates

  • Sample Fire Plan

  • Company Literature

  • Currently Valued Loss Runs

Risk selection criteria

  • 3-5 years of Forestry/Land Management experience, or

  • 3-5 years of Prescribed Fire experience with state or federal certification

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