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About CD Rigdon & Associates

Trust CD Rigdon & Associates to provide the right insurance for your business

40+ Years Insurance Experience

CD Rigdon and Associates was created in February 2006 as a retail property and casualty insurance agency in the western suburbs of the Chicago metro area. Chris Rigdon, the founder, previously had been employed in a brokerage capacity at a large national insurance agency for several years. The primary business objective is to develop a significant retail insurance operation independent of any affiliated brokers or agencies.

From the beginning the agency was molded on Rigdon’s personal belief that highly charged sales efforts coupled with a strong commitment to provide a high level of customer service would be a successful dynamic for further growth and new business.

In June of 2009 Mr. Rigdon’s father, Doug Rigdon joined the business to assist in the growth of new business through program opportunities. Rigdon Senior has had 40+ years of property and casualty insurance experience in the ownership and development of two independent agencies. Much of that previous success was derived from the specialization in many niche classes of business. It is the joint belief of both principals that future new business will be achieved more rapidly and maintained more consistency by focusing on specialized classes of business that by and large may be underserved by the independent insurance agency system.

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Our Process

Risk Assesment

Business risks come in many forms and it’s important to know the different types so you can properly assess the ones that are important to your business. First, we’ll create a list of any and all identified threats to set a foundation for your potential insurance needs. When assessing your business’s internal environment, consider financial, marketing, operational, strategic and work force risks. External business environments include risks, such as changes in our economy, new market competition and natural disasters. Some threats are not as easily noticeable so we’ll work side-by-side to understand you and your business. Risks are an inevitable part of every business. Be prepared!

Benefit Analysis

Cost/Benefit Analysis is the comparison of the risk of a situation to its related benefits. Exposure to personal risk has long been regarded as an assumed aspect of everyday life. We accept a certain level of risk in our lives as necessary to achieve certain benefits. In most of these risks we feel as though we have some sort of control over the situation. While fine in theory, the reality doesn’t paint the same picture. Not all risks are insurable or make sense to insure. Producing a full company analysis that weighs the benefits or protection against the potential risks will ensure that we create a plan that is right for your budget and risk tolerance as a business owner.


Let’s limit your exposure to loss and manage your risk through experienced advice and specialized expertise. Our specialized business insurance resources are connected to a larger network of insurance and technology partners to offer you a wide range of solutions. Responsive & proactive attention provides you with accurate advice and strategic thinking to plan for all possible scenarios. By using the results of your benefit analysis we can then implement the insurance strategy that makes sense for your business. As your business grows, so do your needs making it so very important that we meet regularly to discus major changes in your business life cycle.

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