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Management Liability Insurance

At CD Rigden Associates, we provide high quality Management Liability Coverage. For those who own a small business, management liability coverage is an absolute must. But what is management liability coverage and what kind of protection does it encompass? Read on to learn more - and get it touch with us today to take a closer look at your coverage options.

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Why Do You Need Management Liability Coverage?

You need management liability coverage primarily for the protection it offers you against the risks of running a small business. Some common risks faced by small businesses and their owners include, but are not limited to: 


  • Accusations of employee discrimination

  • Improper management of the benefits program offered by the company to its employees, whether intentional or accidental

  • Any other allegation of the company in question neglecting or not meeting their duties.


Should a small business face such allegations as the above, management liability coverage can protect important members of the business as well as the business itself. A few different kinds of coverage fall under management liability coverage to do this.

D&O Liability Insurance

D&O Liability Insurance falls under the mantle of management liability coverage and provides protection for directors and officers at your small business. Should the directors and officers at your business face legal retribution from customers or clients, D&O liability insurance helps to protect their personal assets.


This insurance coverage will also protect the best interests of the company, providing them the means to cover the legal fees and potential losses their directors and officers might face in such a situation.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Should an employee, current or former, allege that sexual harrassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, emotional distress, or retaliation has occurred while on the job (among other potential allegations), EPLI will provide coverage and protection to the business in question. 

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