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Cyber Insurance

In today’s world, the use of technology (of all kinds) is everywhere - and unavoidable. And for many small businesses, technology has streamlined many processes and made the lives of business owners and their employees all the easer. Unfortunately, the use of technology does not come without risk. And cyber crime is on the rise with each passing year. To keep your small business protected, cyber insurance through CD Rigden Associates is an absolute must.


But what exactly with cyber insurance coverage through CD Rigden Associates provide you and your business? And how will we work to keep your assets and private information safe and protected?

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Why Small Business Need Cyber Insurance

  • The right cyber insurance coverage will keep your assets protected in the face of a data breach. Should your information be compromised by such a breach, cyber insurance will offer you protection. Unfortunately, small businesses remain a large target for those involved with cyber crime.

  • Cyber insurance will also cover any costs related to extortion demands, an issue that has plagued many a small business.

  • If your company is faced with a cyber liability lawsuit, cyber insurance will help to cover the costs associated.

Small Tech Companies Need Cyber Insurance Most

While we a CD Rigden Associates feel that every small business can benefit from cyber insurance due to the widespread usage of technology and cyber crime alike, small tech companies prove to be particularly at risk, as they can be held liable by their clients, should said clients experience any of the issues with cyber crime mentioned above as well as others. 


Therefore, it is imperative for a small tech business to have good cyber insurance coverage in place from its beginnings.

Discuss Your Cyber Insurance Options with CD Ridgen Associates

Did you know there are a number of ways that you can find cyber insurance coverage? At CD Ridgen Associates, we’ll help you work through your options - and find the one that suits your business’s needs the best.

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