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Directors & Officers Insurance

Protecting all of your employees is key as a small business owner, including your directors and officers. As a matter of fact, these are the employees who will be particularly important to have covered.

Why Do Directors & Officers Need Coverage?

Directors and officers can be particularly susceptible to litigious clients and it is crucial that they are protected as much as your business itself is. Directors and officers insurance also helps to protect the business. After all, we want to keep you covered from as many angles as possible here at CD Rigdon Associates. 

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How Are Directors and Officers Protected? 

Directors and officers will benefit from directors and officers insurance when it comes to the protection of their personal assets. Should they be the target of a customer that is suing, all of their personal assets will be protected during the process of this legal action, no matter the result. 

How Will Your Business Be Protected?

We recommend directors and officers insurance in part because it also helps to cover your business. How does this work, exactly? In part, because it covers the legal defense fees that become necessary should one of your directors or officers be sued. 


Your business as a corporate entity will also be covered, something that is often referred to as entity coverage. 


In addition to this, the use of directors and officers insurance to protect the assets of your employees will help save you money should such a thing become necessary, as your business will not need to take on these costs.

Speak With Us About Your Options

In order to keep your business as covered as possible, you’ll want to speak to our professional team at CD Rigdon Associates. Our staff will help you to understand, in depth, all of your options so that you can sleep easy knowing your business is as safe as possible.

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