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Professional Liability Insurance

If you own your own business, it can be difficult to thrive during hard times. And getting off the ground takes a great deal of effort and skill. That’s why we at CD Rigdon Associates know just how important it is to stay protected.

But what might this protection look like when it comes to your business? For one thing, it’s important to have professional liability insurance, something that CD Ridgon Associates can provide for you.

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Typical Professional Liability Coverage

Let’s break down what professional liability insurance can do for your business.


  • Protects your business from claims of negligence from your customers

  • Helps to cover costs if you make a mistake that impacts customers and leads to a claim against you

  • Will protect you in personal injury cases

  • Protects you in events of misrepresentation or the giving out of incorrect advice that lead to an adverse customer experience.


It’s important to also note that professional liability insurance is a key asset to small businesses particularly due to the fact that general liability insurance will not cover much of the above.

What's Not Covered in Professional Liability Coverage

But is there anything that professional liability insurance does not cover? Unfortunately, yes. 


Professional liability insurance does not cover the following, something that we at CD Ridgon Associates feel it is important for our clients to be aware of. 


  • In the event that an issue escalates to criminal prosecution, you will not be covered by professional liability insurance.

  • Professional liability insurance also does not cover, in many cases, cyber breaches and other liability issues that relate to technology. For this type of coverage, you will need a separate insurance policy.

Explore Your Options

Want to learn more about professional liability insurance? At CD Ridgon Associates, we’re here to help you understand your options - and keep your business safe. 

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