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Business Owner Insurance

At CD Rigdon Associates, we believe in the importance of the small business. After all, small businesses make up the vast majority of businesses in the United States. That’s why we want you to keep your small business protected. Don’t worry - we can help. But what does protecting your small business look like?

Your Options as a Business Owner

There are a number of ways in which you can protect your business. Business owner insurance, for instance, is critical. But business owner insurance is the larger category that a number of types of insurance fall under. At CD Rigdon Associates, we believe that it’s essential to be as covered as possible. We’ll give you a brief overview of three types: property liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and business interruption insurance.

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Property Liability Insurance

Property liability insurance is important because it covers, as the name suggests, all property that you own as a part of your business. Should your business property become damaged, property liability insurance will cover it.

Professional Liability Insurance

As professionals at CD Rigdon Associates, we also recommend that business owners invest in professional liability insurance. Should a customer or client ever make a claim against you, professional liability insurance will be critical. Even if said claim is untruthful, it is still important to be covered by professional liability insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

We can’t control all events and in some cases, business will need to be halted in the aftermath of a disaster. This, unfortunately, will lead to lost wages, something that can prove devastating for any small business. Fortunately, business interruption insurance can help to cover you in such an event. 

Speak With Us About Your Options

In order to keep your business as covered as possible, you’ll want to speak to our professional team at CD Rigdon Associates. Our staff will help you to understand, in depth, all of your options so that you can sleep easy knowing your business is as safe as possible.

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