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South Carolina RX Fire Insurance


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South Carolina RX Fire Insurance

Over 12.9 million acres of South Carolina is covered in forest, with approximately 11.4 million acres falling under private ownership. With that much forestland, prescribed fires are a useful and cost-effective land management tool that produces reliable and proven results. South Carolina hazard reduction burning helps reduce the intensity of wildfires and ensure the safety of both local wildlife and human settlement. Many native species, such as the longleaf pine and red-cockaded woodpecker, are fire-adapted and require the presence of fire to thrive. Prescribed fires help return nutrients to the soil that would otherwise be locked up in leaf litter, as well as cull non-native and invasive species of grasses, allowing native grasses to regrow. With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that land management professionals in South Carolina look to the use of prescribed fire to help maintain the health of the land. Nature is unpredictable, however, and conditions can change in a day – ensure the safety of you and your business with South Carolina controlled burn insurance.

South Carolina Prescribed Burn Insurance

Land management professionals use South Carolina hazard reduction burning in many of its state parks in order to maintain the health of the park and keep it safe and lush for visitors. For example, Oconee State Park, Aiken State Park, and Devils Fork State Park all receive controlled burns to promote ecosystem health and ensure the park’s well-being for years to come. Safely administered burns lower the likelihood of extreme wildfires by reducing the amount of available fuel available, providing greater and safer access to the land for people looking to enjoy South Carolina’s lush landscape. Land management professionals performing prescribed burns, however, should always be conscious of the possibility of the fire getting out of control and plan accordingly by investing in South Carolina backfire insurance.


Our RX Fire services

Prescribed Fire Coverage for:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Defense Costs

Fire Suppression Expenses


Smoke-related Incidents

Professional Liability (E&O)


South Carolina Controlled Burn Insurance

It’s not just environmental consultants, prescribed fire contractors, or private natural resource managers who can benefit from South Carolina RX Fire insurance – private landowners can also act more confidently in managing their land. In case of third-party injury or property damage, South Carolina RX fire insurance protects you and your business from claims that might arise due to a prescribed fire getting out of control. Landowners and contractors can both engage in their business more confidently with a South Carolina burn-off insurance policy.


The Forest Specialty Advantage

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We have the expertise to identify, evaluate and underwrite prescribed fire exposures.

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Our “client comes first” philosophy is the cornerstone of our success. We serve our customers with trust, integrity and a close attention to detail.

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We always give customers their money’s worth!


South Carolina Controlled Burn Insurance

South Carolina Hazard Reduction Burning

As General Liability insurance, South Carolina backfire insurance from CD Rigdon and Associates offers you protection from third-party bodily injury or property damage claims. As part of your South Carolina RX Fire insurance policy, we connect you with the expert attorneys and skilled professionals you’ll want to manage your defense, as well as cover defense costs incurred. Our South Carolina burn-off insurance also provides coverage for fire suppression expenses, pollution, smoke-related incidents, and professional liability (E&O). In addition, your other land management operations may be covered by a South Carolina controlled burn insurance policy taken out through us. Operate your business with assurance knowing you’re underwritten by a South Carolina prescribed burn insurance policy from CD Rigdon.


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South Carolina Backfire Insurance

At CD Rigdon and Associate, we have over 12 years of experience with prescribed fire insurance – allowing you to be sure that by choosing us as your insurer, you’re choosing to put you and your business interests first.

South Carolina RX Fire Insurance

With our South Carolina prescribed burn insurance, you’re gaining access to an experienced, expert team and all the resources needed to meet any hurdle that comes your way. We dedicate 110% of our effort into meeting you and your business needs.

South Carolina Burn-Off Insurance

Our application process is non-binding and helps us learn your needs. Typically, we can return a quote within three to five days of submission. If you’re on the market for South Carolina RX fire insurance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert agents or submit an application today!

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