Mississippi RX Fire Insurance

Mississippi RX Fire Insurance

Over 62% of Mississippi’s land is forested – around 19.2 million acres. Of these 19.2 million acres, approximately 77% of it is privately owned. In order to sustain the health and value of Mississippi’s forests, smart land management practices are vital. Prescribed fire is a cost-effective and time proven method of keeping forestland healthy, resilient, and productive. Controlled burns help bring vegetation back down to the level that some of Mississippi’s wildlife, such as whitetail deer, can graze on and in return makes populations healthier. It also culls many pest species like the white pine cone beetle, enabling species they infest to thrive. Mississippi hazard reduction burning also aids in lowering the intensity of future wildfires by reducing the amount of forest litter available as fuel for the fire. With all these benefits in mind, it is no wonder land management professionals choose to utilize controlled burns. But working with nature can be unpredictable and for times when the conditions unexpectedly change, it is smart to have a robust Mississippi controlled burn insurance policy in place protecting you and your business.

Mississippi Prescribed Burn Insurance

Mississippi hazard reduction burning happens year round, with permits being issued based on the weather conditions, and is conducted in forests, wetlands, and prairies alike. With timber being Mississippi’s third largest commodity, it is beneficial to understand the ways prescribed fire can help improve business. Timber buyers operating in Mississippi’s forests may use prescribed fire as a site preparation tool, as burning the underbrush improves the efficiency of timber harvesting, as well as improves the site’s safety by increasing visibility. However, it’s always possible a prescribed fire can get out of hand – shield you and your business interests with a Mississippi prescribed burn plan.

Mississippi Controlled Burn Insurance

Timber buyers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a Mississippi controlled burn insurance policy! Environmental consultants, forest preserve districts, prescribed fire contractors, and private landowners may all likewise benefit from having Mississippi RX Fire insurance underwriting their business. Even the best laid fire plans can run awry, after all. Whether you own it or are just working on it, maintain the health of the land with confidence backed with a Mississippi burn-off insurance policy.

Mississippi Controlled Burn Insurance

Mississippi Hazard Reduction Burning

Mississippi controlled burn insurance is a type of General Liability insurance, which protects you and your business from third-party bodily injury or property damage claims. At CD Rigdon and Associates, as part of your Mississippi RX fire insurance, we put you in contact with expert attorneys and skilled professionals who will manage your defense, as well as cover the defense costs. Our Mississippi burn-off insurance also provides coverage for the following: fire suppression expenses, pollution, smoke-related incidents, and professional liability (E&O). In addition, your other land management operations may be covered by your Mississippi RX Fire insurance. We design our Mississippi prescribed burn insurance so that you can operate your business with the confidence you deserve.

Mississippi Backfire Insurance

At CD Rigdon and Associates we have over 12 years of experience with prescribed fire insurance that we want to put to work for you. When you choose us as your insurer for your Mississippi backfire insurance, you gain access to an experienced team that possesses the necessary expertise and resources to get you through any challenge you face.

Mississippi RX Fire Insurance

More importantly, you are putting you and your interests first – our “client comes first” philosophy means dedicating 110% of our effort to your needs, every time!

Mississippi Burn-Off Insurance

You can fill out our non-binding application in order to help us understand your unique needs. Typically, we can return a quote for eligible applications within three to five days of submission. So, if you’re looking for Mississippi prescribed burn insurance, do not hesitate to reach out to our expert agents or submit an application today!

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