Michigan RX Fire Insurance

Michigan RX Fire Insurance

Home to many fire-adapted ecosystems, people living in Michigan have long made use of prescribed fire as a land management tool. The use of controlled burns helps jack pine forests, oak savannas, and grasslands to thrive without worry of wildfires devastating the habitat. In fact, many of these habitats cannot persist without the presence of fire, as periodic fire helps return nutrients trapped in natural debris return to the otherwise dry, sandy soil. Rare species like the Kirtland’s warbler, found in Michigan’s jack pine forests, likewise depend on the presence of fire in the ecosystem. Michigan hazard reduction burning also enables certified prescribed fire practitioners to help reduce the available fuel for wildfires and keep both the people and animals that call Michigan home safe. Whatever the reason for using prescribed fire, land management professionals seeking to promote the health of the land should first consider protecting themselves and their business with Michigan RX fire insurance.

Michigan Prescribed Burn Insurance

Michigan hazard reduction burning most often occurs in the spring and fall but can happen any time of the year if the appropriate conditions are present. Much of the controlled burns conducted within Michigan are conducted after wildlife biologists and natural resource professionals have evaluated an area to ensure the maximum benefit for the habitat. This careful use of prescribed fire has helped species like the jack pine thrive, as its cones will open for seed release in the presence of extreme heat. When working with nature, even the best laid fire plans can run awry – for times like these it’s best to have a robust Michigan burn-off insurance plan in place. If you’re an environmental consultant, prescribed fire contractor, or other natural resource manager, you can benefit from a Michigan backfire insurance plan.

Michigan Controlled Burn Insurance

With just under 10 million acres of farmland, approximately 60% of which is dedicated to crop production, Michigan landowners should also understand the potential benefits of prescribed burns for their land. Livestock raised on recently burned pastures experience greater growth, and crop trees establish better when competitive species have been removed with controlled burns. Prescribed fire also helps promote the regrowth of warm season and cool season plants, depending on when the burn is conducted. Regardless of if you’re raising cattle or producing the tart cherries Michigan is known for, it’s likely at some point you’ll want to rejuvenate your land with prescribed fire. First consider investing in you and your business’ future with Michigan controlled burn insurance.

Michigan Controlled Burn Insurance

Michigan Hazard Reduction Burning

Michigan RX Fire insurance is a General Liability policy that protects you from third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. At CD Rigdon and Associates, as part of your Michigan prescribed burn insurance, we also put you in contact with the skilled professionals and attorneys you’ll want to handle your defense. On top of that, your Michigan RX fire insurance also covers defense costs incurred during the process. By choosing us for your Michigan burn-off insurance needs, you also gain coverage for the following: fire suppression expenses, pollution, smoke-related incidents, and professional liability (E&O). Additionally, other land management operations may be covered by your Michigan backfire insurance policy. Ensure that you’re protecting yourself with the best with Michigan prescribed burn insurance through CD Rigdon and Associates.

Michigan Backfire Insurance

At CD Rigdon and Associates, we have over 12 years of experience with prescribed fire insurance we’re ready to put to work for you. You can be sure that by choosing us as your insurer for all your Michigan controlled burn insurance needs, you’re putting you and your business in good hands.

Michigan RX Fire Insurance

As part of your Michigan prescribed fire insurance policy, we give you access to an experienced team you can be confident has all the expertise and resources needed to meet any challenge your business may face. We know you and your needs deserve 110% of our effort, every time.

Michigan Burn-Off Insurance

By filling out our non-binding application you help us get a better sense of your unique needs. Typically, we can return a quote within three to five days of submission. If you’re on the market for Michigan prescribed burn insurance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert agents or submit an application today!

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