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Maine RX Fire Insurance


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Maine RX Fire Insurance

Approximately 74% of Maine is forested, although it also boasts substantial grasslands and blueberry barrens as part of its mosaic of ecosystems. Maine hazard reduction burning helps clear out dead grass, trees, and thick undergrowth that might otherwise choke out new and healthier vegetation or the passage of wildlife. Another benefit of Maine hazard reduction burning is the reduction of fuel for natural wildfires that might otherwise become destructive. Controlled burns are most often performed in grasslands and fields and help improve habitat for ground nesting birds like the meadowlark, savannah sparrow, and bobolink. Lowbush blueberries are also more abundant after a controlled burn, as their new sprouts enjoy the rich nutrients that have been released to the soil. Prescribed fire is a powerful and cost-efficient land management tool to have in your toolbox, but don’t approach the burn season without first protecting yourself with Maine controlled burn insurance from CD Rigdon and Associates.


Our RX Fire services

Prescribed Fire Coverage for:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Defense Costs

Fire Suppression Expenses


Smoke-related Incidents

Professional Liability (E&O)


Maine Prescribed Burn Insurance

The conditions in Maine make for a relatively short burn window, so be ready with a Maine swilling insurance plan when the time is right. Land management professionals of all kinds are empowered by a Maine prescribed burn insurance plan to perform their contractual duties or manage their property. Don’t let the opportunity to enrich your soil and clear out leaf litter and debris pass you by – reach out to CD Rigdon and Associates and see how a Maine backfire insurance plan can protect you and your business.

Maine Controlled Burn Insurance

Prescribed fire contractors, environmental consultants, and private landowners all benefit from a comprehensive backfire insurance plan. Prospective employers will appreciate the additional assurance that a prescribed fire contractor has when they’re backed by a Maine burn-off insurance plan. Landowners can enrich their grasslands and fields with prescribed fire confidently knowing they’re protected from third-party injury or property damage claims by their Maine swilling insurance. Protect you and your business from financial harm with Maine RX fire insurance from CD Rigdon.


The Forest Specialty Advantage

Professionally qualified

We have the expertise to identify, evaluate and underwrite prescribed fire exposures.

At your service

Our “client comes first” philosophy is the cornerstone of our success. We serve our customers with trust, integrity and a close attention to detail.

Unbeatable value

We always give customers their money’s worth!


Maine Controlled Burn Insurance

Maine Hazard Reduction Burning

The Maine controlled burn insurance offered at CD Rigdon and Associates is a General Liability insurance that protects you and your business from third-party property damage and bodily injury claims. If your controlled burn gets out of control and claims do arise, your Maine backfire insurance puts you in contact with the skilled professionals and expert attorneys to manage your defense and help you navigate the legalities – all while covering the associated defense costs.


Get a quote or call for expert advice


Maine Backfire Insurance

Your Maine burn-off insurance covers fire suppression expenses, pollution, smoke-related incidents, and professional liability (E&O) by default but can be further customized to provide coverage for other land management activities you have that necessitate the use of prescribed fire. Reach out to the agents at CD Rigdon and Associates to discuss how we can customize a Maine prescribed burn insurance plan to cover all your business needs.

Maine RX Fire Insurance

At CD Rigdon and Associates, we have over 12 years of prescribed fire insurance experience that grants us the expertise needed to support your business through difficult times. With our access to professional resources, history in the Maine controlled burn insurance industry, and “client comes first” attitude, we’re confident we can provide you and your business with quality, comprehensive Maine backfire insurance. We work hard to make sure that your business needs are met and go above and beyond 110% of the time to maintain your satisfaction.

Maine Burn-Off Insurance

We invite you to fill out our non-binding application and let our team develop a better sense of your specific business needs and risks. A quote is returned to eligible applicants typically within three to five business days after the application has been submitted. If you have other questions about the Maine swilling insurance we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert agents. At CD Rigdon and Associates, we’re ready to help protect your business with comprehensive Maine burn-off insurance whenever you burn.

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