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Colorado RX Fire Insurance


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Colorado RX Fire Insurance

Colorado’s Ponderosa pina, pinon-juniper woodland, sagebrush grasslands, and mountain shrublands are all examples of ecosystems that were shaped by the regular presence of fire. Prescribed fire helps reintroduce fire to these habitats and allows for the rejuvenation of species like the Douglas fir, Engelmann spruce, aspen, and lodgepole pine by reducing the density of trees and freeing up resources for survivors. In oak shrublands, prescribed fire controls the encroachment of trees while increasing the density of Gambel oak and serviceberry, which species like sharp-tailed grouse, mule deer, and Albert’s squirrels all take advantage of.


Our RX Fire services

Prescribed Fire Coverage for:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Defense Costs

Fire Suppression Expenses


Smoke-related Incidents

Professional Liability (E&O)


Colorado Prescribed Burn Insurance

Colorado hazard reduction burning also clears out leaf litter and other woodland debris that can foster parasite and harmful insect populations or otherwise provide fuel natural wildfires need to devastate the landscape. Land management professionals of all kinds can take advantage of the restored health Colorado hazard reduction burning offers to their land. But don’t go into burn season unprepared! Invest in a Colorado RX fire insurance plan.

Colorado Controlled Burn Insurance

Prescribed fire is a low-cost and efficient way to manage the health and safety of your land, and you deserve a Colorado backfire insurance plan that’s just as thorough as your fire plan. Colorado has rolling burn windows for different regions in the state, so you’ll want Colorado burn-off insurance that’s ready when you are. Keep your property safe from the ravages of dangerous, high intensity natural wildfires or return the nutrients locked up in the dense undergrowth to the soil knowing you’re backed by comprehensive Colorado swilling insurance. Make sure you and your business have protection when they need it most with Colorado controlled burn insurance from CD Rigdon and Associates.


The Forest Specialty Advantage

Professionally qualified

We have the expertise to identify, evaluate and underwrite prescribed fire exposures.

At your service

Our “client comes first” philosophy is the cornerstone of our success. We serve our customers with trust, integrity and a close attention to detail.

Unbeatable value

We always give customers their money’s worth!


Alaska Controlled Burn Insurance

Colorado Hazard Reduction Burning

Whether you’re a private landowner, prescribed fire contractor, or environmental consultant, your business deserves the protection Colorado prescribed burn insurance provides. Manage your land confidently knowing your Colorado swilling insurance protects you from third-party property damage and bodily injury claims in case your fire plan runs awry. Potential employers will love the added confidence a Colorado backfire insurance plan affords them when looking for contractors to carry out their burns, as well! Whenever you’re ready to take advantage of all that prescribed fire has to offer, make sure you’re covered by Colorado RX fire insurance.


Get a quote or call for expert advice


Colorado Backfire Insurance

CD Rigdon and Associates offers Colorado burn-off insurance as a type of General Liability insurance, protecting you from third-party bodily injury or property damage claims in addition to covering the associated defense costs. Your Colorado controlled burn insurance connects you with the right professionals and attorneys to handle your defense in the advent of a claim, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered when you need it most. Your Colorado prescribed burn insurance also extends coverage to fire suppression expenses, pollution, smoke-related incidents, and professional liability (E&O). You can further customize your Colorado backfire insurance to cover other land management operations you have that utilize prescribed fire as well, ensuring that your business has exactly the coverage it needs to succeed.

Colorado RX Fire Insurance

At CD Rigdon and Associates, we have over 12 years of experience with prescribed fire insurance, meaning that you can be sure you’re getting skilled, professional support when you need it most. When you take out Colorado controlled burn insurance with us, you’re getting access to our expert team and all the resources you need to overcome any obstacle your business might face. Because we put 110% of our effort into securing your satisfaction, every time, you can move forward into burn season with confidence.

Colorado Burn-Off Insurance

Fill out our non-binding application and allow us to get to know your business and its specific coverage needs. We typically return a quote to eligible applicants within three to five days of submission, although we encourage you to reach out to our agents with any other questions you have about the Colorado swilling insurance we offer. Make sure your business is protected when you’re ready to take advantage of prescribed fire! We look forward to discussing how a Colorado RX fire insurance plan can help you achieve your business goals.

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