Alabama RX Fire Insurance

Alabama RX Fire Insurance

It is hard to overstate the benefits of controlled burns, especially in a heavily forested state like Alabama. With approximately 69% of the state’s area being forested (and approximately 93% of that being privately owned), it is important to understand the value that Alabama hazard reduction burning offers to both the public and private sectors. Alabama hazard reduction burning has helped keep people and wildlife from suffering the same devastating wildfires as other parts of the nation. Prescribed burning can also help revitalize habitats for both animals and plants, as well as enable your own cultivated trees to thrive by thinning competition. While prescribed burns are generally very safe, it is always better to protect yourself and your enterprise with Alabama burn-off insurance in the advent of the fire getting out of control.

Alabama Prescribed Burn Insurance

If you practice forest management, at some point you’re likely to make use of a controlled burn to help maintain the health of your forest. Controlled burns happen throughout the year in Alabama, and that means you will want an Alabama prescribed burn insurance plan that is there for you year-round – whether you are clearing forest floor litter during the fall and winter or removing underbrush from your stands in the spring and summer. However, even the best laid burn plans can run awry, and you deserve security with a robust and affordable Alabama burn-off insurance plan.

Alabama Controlled Burn Insurance

So, no matter if you are a prescribed fire contractor, an environmental consultant, or a private landowner, you can benefit from Alabama RX Fire insurance. Alabama backfire insurance protects you from third party property damage or injury claims that might arise from a prescribed burn that gets out of control. For prescribed fire or landscape contractors especially, Alabama prescribed burn insurance gives potential employers greater confidence in choosing you to complete their prescribed burns. Safeguard yourself with Alabama RX fire insurance as well as you safeguard the health of the land and all the animal and plant life that lives on it.

Alabama Controlled Burn Insurance

Alabama Hazard Reduction Burning

One of the many benefits of our Alabama RX Fire insurance is that it affords you peace of mind in your efforts to maintain the land. As a type of General Liability insurance, Alabama burn-off insurance protects you from third-party injury or property damage claims, as well as covering defense costs for when these claims go forward. You are put in contact with attorneys and other skilled professionals to handle your defense as part of CD Rigdon and Associate’s Alabama control burn insurance. Our full offering of Alabama prescribed burn insurance covers the following: personal injury, property damage, defense costs, fire suppression expenses, pollution, smoke-related incidents, and professional liability (E&O). Not only do we offer RX fire insurance but, as part of your plan, coverage may be offered for other land management operations that require you to use controlled burns.

Alabama Backfire Insurance

CD Rigdon and Associates has over 12 years of experience with controlled burn insurance. When you purchase an Alabama prescribed burn insurance plan through us, you are gaining access to that experience alongside all our expertise and resources.

Alabama RX Fire Insurance

Taking out an Alabama prescribed burn insurance policy with us means putting yourself and your business interests first – we aim to go above and beyond to ensure that you and your specific needs are satisfied, 110% of the time.

Alabama Burn-Off Insurance

Our application process is non-binding and allows us to get a better sense of your business and its specific coverage needs. Typically, we are able to create a quote for eligible applicants within three to five days of the application’s submission. So, if you are in need of Alabama prescribed burn insurance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our expert agents or submit an application today!

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